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Ashley Lemmon of Nora Swimwear

Here at ETJ, we celebrate amazing women and applaud all the fearless girl bosses out there. As we head into Summer, we chose to feature Ashley Lemmon, blogger and founder of Nora Swimwear. Bikini season may be a fear for most women, but Ashley's philosophy for Nora sets out to breakdown this stigma.

Nora, meaning honour and light, is exactly what Nora Swimwear's values are rooted in. Every woman should feel like a woman of honour in Nora's bikinis. Positivity is central to Nora Swimwear's values, where all woman should be empowering one another.  

Here's a glimpse into what it's like to start your own swimwear brand. Keep reading, we have an exclusive promo code for you below!

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What to Do in Iceland

A couple of years ago, I decided to go embark on my own personal journey to a country I've always wanted to visit, Iceland.

Lately, it seems as though Iceland has been the topic of many conversations and the backdrop to a myriad of movies and media. Even Justin Bieber recently filmed a music video there. If you're thinking about taking a trip to visit this majestic wonderland, keep reading.

Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland

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New Year's Resolution

I'm terrible at keeping New Year's resolutions, so I'm sharing my goals with you to keep me accountable. This year, I'm focusing on mindfulness & health. Here goes...


Meditation reduces stress, increases focus and creativity. There's a ton of science behind it. It's no wonder why so many CEOs and leaders make time for this exercise. I feel more productive and clear whenever I meditate. I just need to incorporate it into my daily routine especially when it's super easy to do with the Headspace app I have on my iPhone. The app is straightforward, quick, and it's almost as if Andy knows exactly when my mind is about to wander and brings me back to focus.

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Gift Guide: 6 Presents For the Girl Who Has Everything

Shopping for a girl who already has everything she wants can be difficult. I know, my bestie falls under this category. When shopping for this kind of girl, give them something unique that you know they'd love.

Bare Knit Wear Mauro Cowl - EMMY TRINH JEWELRY Gift Guide: For the Girl Who Has It All

1. One of my favorite brands is Bare Knitwear. Their super soft pieces are designed here in Vancouver by Kelsey Adair and handcrafted by 150 female Peruvian artisans. Through the production of knitwear, these women are now able to be self-sufficient while living in one of the poorest regions in Peru. The alpaca wool is sourced from a family run alpaca farm in the Andes. If only you could feel these knits through the photos... Your girlfriend will love how this piece keeps her warm and stylish this winter...


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GIVEAWAY: VONBON for the Cool Kids - Winner is Rachel N.!

Each holiday, I make it my mission to find cool and unique gifts to give to my friends with babies and toddlers. I especially enjoy giving clothes because who doesn’t love shopping for adorable little outfits? For this holiday season, I want to gift them with clothes that have more meaning behind their cute designs – pieces that wear its heart on its sleeves, so to speak. And I know just the place for extra special shopping finds – VONBON.

Enter our VONBON Giveaway...


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