Ever since I visited Stockholm last year, I have been obsessed with everything Swedish. I can't really articulate what it is about Stockholm, it's just a feeling that I get whenever I think about my time there. The people, the food, the pastries, the architecture, the city, everything. I loved everything about it. It's my happy place. I can't wait until my next trip back. Until then, I'll probably just keep talking/blogging about how amazing it is.



Had a drink at Sällskapet, a gentleman's social club. Female members or guests are allowed entry during specific hours. Yep, those still exist.

Enjoyed a delicious meal at Nybrogatan 38

Fika: Sweden's social coffee break - my favorite part of the day

Semla is only available for a short time in the winter. Lucky for me, I was there at the right time.

On the Djurgårdsbron. Same location of my bio pic.  

 Breathtaking panoramic views of Gamla Stan from the cafe at Fotografiska.

Sigh, until next time...
Photos: Emmy Trinh

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