My Obsession with Glaciers

If you haven't been to Alaska, go! It's gorgeous and there's so much more to see than I expected. No, we didn't get to see a bear. But we did see a whales!! And I got to see more Glaciers! In case you didn't know, I love glaciers. I don't really know why, I just think they're majestic. Ever since I hiked Sólheimajökull in Iceland, I have a new appreciation for their history and how ginormous they are. 

We took my mom on a cruise last summer out of Seattle to Juneau, Glacier Bay (amazing), Sitka, Ketchikan, & Victoria BC. The Westerdam Holland America ship was great and as a first time cruiser, I had an wonderful experience with the staff, accommodations, and entertainment. I got a little sea sick so I definitely recommend bringing ginger pills, sea-bands (acupressure wrist bands), and medication as backup. It helped that we had a balcony, but when the boat was rocking, the only thing that cured it was sleeping. If you can get a room towards the middle of the boat, that's the best place to mitigate the rocking.

We were lucky with timing as we were there just in time before the salmon run was over. We saw thousands of salmon migrating from the ocean, moving upstream in the rivers to spawn. It was a bittersweet moment because it although it was absolutely amazing to witness, we knew they were at the end of their lives. On a lighter note, here are some of my favorite moments in Alaska. Needless to say, Glacier Bay was my favorite part of the trip. We got really lucky and arrived on a clear, sunny day.


The Red Dog Saloon - Hilarious performer and cool place

Salmon in Ketchikan - literally 100s of thousands of them. It's incredible how determined they are. Looks like the hardest thing a fishy could ever do.

Photos: Emmy Trinh

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