How to: Layer Jewelry

If you're like me, you probably have a bunch of necklaces lying around collecting dust. A fun and simple way to bring them back to life is to layer them by mixing and matching lengths, metals, and stones!

Here's what you do: Pick at least two necklaces at varying lengths and wear them together. Yep, it's that simple! What I've found to be the ideal length difference is 2 inches. For example, a 16" necklace with an 18" necklace. That way, you'll have enough space between your pendants. Taking cues from celebrities with excellent stylists and mixing it up with my own handmade pieces, read on to see how you can layer your jewelry like a pro.

1. Play with mixed metals

Mixed metals and materials are definitely in this year. I would suggest layering mixed metals like gold with oxidized (dark/tarnished) sterling silver for an unconventionally chic look. An Emmy Trinh shark tooth necklace (image below) is a great way to complete this look. 

2. Bring out the tassels!

I'm sure you've seen it everywhere - one of the hot trends right now is tassels. Bring out your statement necklace and layer it with a long tassel necklace for even more wow-factor. Olivia Palermo gets it right (obvi) with her look. Alexandria (right photo) also has a trio of my popular labradorite necklaces stacked up. Here, she's instantly transformed three simple necklaces into one simple, stunning statement piece!


3. Mix up similar shapes / themes

If you really want to have some fun with this, find a collection of necklaces that have a similar aesthetic or shape and mix them all together. These ladies are layering four necklaces!

Erin Wasson always looks fab. When I create my version of this look, I layer my Diamond Waning Moon and Diamond Evil Eye necklaces together. Mixing stones can bring in so much color, it's a perfect for summer. Cameron rocks her multi-layered look beautifully.


Below is a guide to help you visualize and reference necklace lengths for layering. FYI - most short necklaces come in 16" to 18", while many long necklaces are available in 30" to 34" lengths. If you want to extend a short necklace you already own, add a necklace extender for instant length and you're ready to layer. 

Pretty simple, right? I'd love to see what you layered! I dare you to rock 4 necklaces and post your photo on Instagram using the hashtag #emmytrinhjewelry!

I can't wait to see your layered looks!

Photos: Pinterest & Emmy Trinh

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