Irene of @hintofgrey: Minimalist Style at its Best

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One of my absolute favorite style bloggers is Irene, the founder of Hint of Grey. She recently started her (addictive) blog but has been a style staple on the Instagram scene for the last couple of years. You may remember her as @ai_reen :) I started following her because she has an effortless approach to style that resonates with my personal style and aesthetic concept behind ETJ. I love how she mixes high fashion with slow fashion. She describes herself as "half way to #slowfashion" on Instagram. I think it's awesome that she's making conscious decisions about fashion and sharing that stance with her viewers. 
She's blown up over the past year, collaborating with major labels like All Saints, LeLabo (one of my favs), and local brands like Lo & Sons and Emmy Trinh Jewelry (that's me!), to name a few.Her feed is definitely swoon-worthy, so if you aren't following her already, be sure to check her out here. She's also a total sweetheart and gets really excited about good design and delicious food - it's the cutest thing to witness. 
Learn more about where she finds inspiration and how she got started.
When you set up @hintofgrey on Instagram, what message did you want to come across to your followers?
I wanted my Instagram to be a source of everyday outfit ideas. You don't need to be wearing 3-inch heels to look good. There are lots of other ways to look pulled together, yet stay comfortable!
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How long have you been on Instagram?
I've had my Instagram account for many years before it was popular. I started focusing on fashion content about three years ago.
Who are your fashion muses or people that you draw your style from?
I draw my style from everyday girls - sales associates in Aritzia/Nordstrom, girls in the mall or ladies in coffee shops. Any girl whose style is effortless, simplistic and casual will be my muse. I don't have a fashion icon simply because celebrities and socialites have way different lifestyle than us. I love drawing my inspiration from women that I can relate.
4. What are your favorite brands and why? Who is your dream brand to collab with?
My current favourite brands are Everlane and Madewell. It would be such a dream come true to collaborate with either of them! Everlane's radical transparency is such an inspiration for me to be more conscious when making purchase decisions. If you haven't heard about Everlane, head over to their website. Make sure you check out their tee selection, I can never have enough of them!
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5. How do you visualize your look; is it from a statement piece that you work around...?
I always start my outfit from a piece of clothing - be an oversized sweater, skinny jeans or leather jacket. To create the outfit, I then work around the piece by asking questions. Why did I pick this piece to be the centre of the outfit? What is the occasion?  Which other pieces go well with this piece? The outfit usually forms itself as I answer my questions. 
6. Can you share any fashion advice for minimalist fashionistas out there?
Self-control! Haha! Sometimes you just feel the urge to get your hands on that cute trendy flare jeans. It is definitely difficult to control urges, we are only human. Being minimalist is all about being conscious of the consequences of your action. As chic as that pair of flare jeans looks, you probably will only wear it twice. It's not to say that we should always to stick to classic items, I know it gets dull. But just spend some time to think about your wardrobe before you click "place the order".
7. If you only had one item to complete your outfit, what would it be?
A pair of skinny jeans that fits like gloves. Skinny jeans are so awesome. It goes with anything and everything. Sneakers, pointed toe heels, OTK, blazers, tees - you can pretty much wear skinny jeans with anything. When you find the pair that fits, you will look like you lost five pounds and will want to wear it every day. 
7a. Would you be interested in collaborating with brands to design clothing /accessories?
I am definitely interested in designing clothing/accessories, but I don't think I am good enough to do that. Maybe in the future when I better myself in this fashion game.
8.  What's next for @hintofgrey? 
Every year, I set a goal to myself about my Instagram, For 2016, it was to take more ootd photos. Suffice it to say that I have accomplished that. This year, I decided to be more strategic and mindful about @hintofgrey, from feed designs, collaboration choices, outfit presentations to training my Instagram Husband. I hope to produce content that's both visually appealing and practical (i.e. outfit ideas you can "save" for future reference) to my viewers. 

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