What Does It All Mean?

For many centuries, gemstones have been coveted for more than just their natural beauty. In fact, various ancient cultures believed that these minerals had intrinsic properties that could heal the body and soul.

Below is an excerpt of the interesting beliefs that have been attributed to these gemstones over the years: 

AGATES are regarded for balancing energy. It is also a stone for strength, courage, protection, healing, and calming. Legends say that it also improves memory and concentration.

AQUAMARINE is known as the stone of courage. It also enhances clarity of mind and can bring inner peace and serenity. 

BLACK ONYX calms nervousness, absorbs grief, and repels negativity.

BLACK TOURMALINE is a lucky stone; rub it for good luck and happiness. Also aids in detoxifying the body.

CITRINE is referred to as the happy stone. It can dissipate negative energy as well as bring positivity and joy

DIAMOND gemstones are believed to attract opportunities and prosperity. They absorb and amplify the thoughts of the user, so stay positive to project and attract positive energy. 

DRUZY QUARTZ has been used to help dissipate negative thoughts.

EVIL EYE CHARM is believed to guard the person who wears it against misfortune and reflects negative outcomes willed to you by others.

HERKIMER DIAMONDSare the most powerful of all quartz crystal healing stones. These stones can help combat fatigue, eliminate toxins, and purify the body. Herkimer diamonds also help people become attuned to each other. And their unique shape is totally natural. Mind blown.

HOWLITE is believed to be a calming stone. It may also help bring rest to those who suffer from insomnia.

KYANITE has a calming effect, bringing tranquility and driving away emotional stress.

LABRADORITE is known to provide clarity, stimulate creativity, and protect against negativity.

LAPIS LAZULI helps improve memory, attracts success, and is a stone of communication

MOONSTONE enhances intuition and promotes success in love and work.

MOTHER OF PEARL soothes and helps calm emotional situations. Holding a piece may also bring feelings of comfort, peacefulness, and love.

PYRITE is a protection stone. It may also enhance intellect and promote self-confidence. Pyrite is known as "fool's gold".

QUARTZ absorbs, releases, and eliminates negative energy, promoting positive energy.

RUTILATED QUARTZ is believed to help strengthen your body and promote self-healing. Some also believe it helps slow down the effects of aging. The rutile inclusions in the stone are referred to as the Hair of Venus.

SAPPHIRE is believed to promote health, suppress negative thoughts, bringing prosperity and happiness. In ancient times, they carried sapphires to ward off evil.

TANZANITEis an extremely rare stone which can also provide calming and soothing properties

ZIRCON heals, bringing balance and awareness to the wearer. One of the oldest stones found on earth, zircon's energy can increase love for yourself and for others. Zircon should not be confused with the synthetic imitation diamond, cubic zirconia.